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شرکت سازندهAmphenol

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This booklet is intended to be used as a ready reference to typical standard, miniature and subminiature cylindrical connector part numbers and terminology. Reading its brief pages will not make you a connector expert, but should guide you in becoming familiar with the product, in order to better serve our customers.
AAO, Amphenol Aerospace division of Amphenol Corporation, is the leading manufacture of military aerospace interconnect products in the word. Brand names include Amphenol® and Pyle-National® and Matrix®.
AIO, Amphenol Industrial division of Amphenol Corporation, is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of industrial and powerbus interconnect products. Brand names include Amphenol® and Pyle-National®.
Note: Many of the connector products in this brochure were formerly known as “Bendix” products. These products are now manufactured and sold under the Amphenol® brand name. The name “Amphenol” will replace the name “Bendix” on products and literature in the future.
Amphenol operates a quality system that is third-party certified to ISO9001:2000 and AS9100

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